Finished: Re & Apophis

Downloadlink for the 1st demo version (1st January 2015)

Downloadlink for demo version 1b (4th January 2015)

Downloadlink for the 2nd demo version (1st October 2015)

Downloadlink for the full version (1st July 2016)

Since the beginning of time,
an eternal clash between good and evil exists.

In order to rise again as the mighty sun itself,
Re must solve a dangerous quest, an ordeal
through the Duat lasting 12 hours.

In the 7th hour, the incarnated chaos itself,
a giant serpent, known as Apophis appears and
tries to stop Re from his mission.

Since the beginning of time,
Apophis is beheaded every night.

Since the beginning of time,
Apophis reincarnates trying to stop Re again.

But one day, Apophis broke this eternal loop
and went down to Earth, to spread chaos over

With his dark powers he manages to control three mighty gods (Osiris, Sobek and Heh). Also he controls the most powerfull human being, the Pharao. Under Apophis' influence, the Pharao plans to start a war to gain control over the whole continent. Every fallen man, woman and even child whose dead is caused by Apophis' influence will make him stronger. After Re knows what Apophis did, he decides to get down to earth, together wih Seth. Down there, they want to challenge the evil serpent. This will be a dangerous quest, because on the earth even gods can die and won't even be reborn, like they do in their own world which is fullfilled with mysterious magical powers. Re and Seth first have to defeat the three gods, which are controled by Apophis. This will make him weaker and will break the seal, which lays over the Pharao. When those tasks are done, they can challenge Apophis himself... if they manage to find him.


Re is the most powerfull god. His strenght are fire based spells. Normally he rises as the sun itself every day. But in order to safe the humans and all living beings on earth, he has to go down to earth in his humanoid form.

Seth is the guardian of an demonic world, called "Duat". In battles he can open the gate to Duat and let demons attack his enemies. Also he is known as god of tempest and so he is able to summon lightning. From the beginning of time he is a helpmate of Re.
Isis is a powerfull magician who uses water/ice based spells. Also she is able to use healing spells. Her brother, Osiris is one the three gods who are controlled by Apophis. So she teams up with Re and Seth

Apophis is a giant serpent who tries to defeat Re everytime, before he rises as the sun itself. But since he exists, he couldn't manage to do it. Instead he got killed every single time. He has enough of it and so he decides to go down to earth to gain some power. He managed to get control over three gods and also to get control over the Pharao. Every being which will be killed because of Apophis' influence (the pharao plans to start a war) will make him stronger.

The main goal is to free the three controled gods. In order to manage that, the player has to visit their temples. Those are full of puzzles which have to be solved. Besides those temples, there also are optional dungeons, where you can find special items, skills and so on.Of course there will be battles, too. The enemies will not be seen on the map and the battles will be random. BUT the player is able to set the encounter rate to 0 (when you have trained enough and just want to explore the maps).


-Most of the graphics are made by myself (unused graphics).
-Entire music is done by J. Stewart (most of it is custom music written for the game).
-Normal dialouges as speech bubbles.
From every enemy you defeat, you get his Ba (soul). With these Bas you can improve your weapons and armor.
-Skit System:
Inspired by the "Tales of..." series. Skits are optional group intern conversations about different topics. The idea behind those conversations is to learn more about the characters and to give them more depth.


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